January 10, 2007

I just got my haircut in star salon the one and only asian salon in town. Description of my current hairstyle is that it looks like one of those typical Asian girls’ hair you know straight and layered all over when I use hair straightener but looks wavy and frizzy all over my head when I don’t use that flat hair thingy (it looks awful, really, seriously).

A glimpse of the conversation at the salon:

Vietnamese Haircut Lady (VHL): Hi, how do you want to cut your hair? (With a very weird accent, but still understandable but it took me few seconds to get what she was saying).

Me: Oh hi! I just want to keep my hairstyle. I think it is layered. And also can you make shorter bangs to my hair?

VHL: Touching my hair with a very weird look in her eyes like she never sees any curly hair before. Oh okay, how about 1 1/2 inch shorter and give more layer from there. (Do excuse the grammar but I don’t want to manipulate the real conversation that took place).

Me: Oh okay, that sounds good.

So, there she goes chopping my hair with I think three kinds of scissors. She chopped it a lot. A few minutes later….

VHL: I going use flat straightener, I just want to see your hair straight okay.

Me: Okay.

After more chopping off my hair then finally it’s done. Final look, as I said before it looks awful. It’s too thin and too many layers. Damn you VHL what did you do to my hair!!! Arghhhh.

This is why I don’t like going to get a haircut. Ever since I was born I guess I never get satisfied with anykind of hairstyle I I have since they always look awful. But, as a positivist I would say hair will grow back. So, oh well!!!

I want to upload photos but the camera is still MIA. So, maybe tomorrow I’ll upload some photos of me with the new haircut. Until then adios….


One Response to “Haircut”

  1. xinda Says:

    I’d say it looks okay. I mean your hair is already amazing without the hoohaa anyway. 😀

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