January 16, 2007

Superstition (adjective): a fear of the unknown.

What do people consider as superstitious? Some people said that 13 is an unlucky number, people do knock on wood, some say that crossing a black cat is also a bad luck. As a positivist I don’t believe in all those things as I regard believing those would be too eccentric.

But, I do get scared sometimes. A sign would be having hard night sleep just like the past two nights. It’s just that school is starting this week and I do get frighten before school starts just thinking what the courses will be like, how the people in the classes are, how my grades will be, etc. It just so happen all the time. Especially, since this is my last semester I want to make the best out of it. No space for mistakes. Now, it sounds that I want to be a perfectionist which I am not, well maybe I do. But most of the time I basically just this typical churlish and clownish person (haha the preparation for that stupid test ameliorate my diction).

On a lighter note, school is closed tomorrow due to severe weather. College Station has never been this cold before. It is the second time that school is closed due to the weather since I was here. A friend of mine that I chatted online was being covetous since she claimed that school has never been cancelled when she was still in College Station.

This semester is going to be one hell of semester. For the next 4 months I have to deal with three courses with labs. Which I hope I could handle. Please God if you do really exist, boost me with your blessings. Darn, now I sound like giving a holier-than-thou attitude.

As a positivist, I believe that I should have possitive drive towards any kinds of affliction. No pain, no gain.

As an englightment, I will post one of my favorite songs, Always by Atlantic Star. So, enjoy.

Adios peeps….


3 Responses to “Superstition”

  1. xinda Says:

    I love your posts.

  2. didididi Says:

    is it positivist or positivitist?

    and where the heck is that picture you promised us last time? we, the audience, demand it now.

  3. ny Says:

    xinda: thank you, though it doesn’t really encourage to make new posts haihaiah.

    didididi: i believe it’s positivist as my best friend m-w claimed haihaiahia.
    And for the pic, to tell you the truth I can’t seem to find the way to upload pics. Maybe I’ll upload once I figure it out. Until then, peace out.

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