January 21, 2007

I’m too sore to write long post. So, here goes a short one. So, me and other Hon Honor Society members went to the rec today for this free cardio remix class.

Okay, the fact that you can dance and follow any kind of rythms doesn’t really mean that you can follow a full 45 minutes of a cardio remix. Well, what can I say, I’m a fast learner in learning steps but, I still couldn’t follow the class. It was too tiring.

After excessive routine of stepping stairs we decided to play badminton which makes all my body parts aching.

And here I am know in my bed with my hoodies on my head feeling all cold and pain. I know, beauty is pain but I don’t think that it should be this painful.

Anyhoo, I want to sleep so bad. Auf wiedershein!!!! See, I used to use Adios at the end of every posts because I thought I will take Spanish this semester. But, I dropped it and I take German instead. Hiahiahiahai


3 Responses to “Sore!!!!”

  1. didididi Says:

    I took German in high-school and could barely remember any of it now, but I believe the proper way to spell it is auf wiedersehen. Good luck on that class! (I thought senior year is for major classes? No?)

  2. xinda Says:

    All I can say is that…Cardio Remix…ACHTUNG.

  3. ndoro19 Says:

    Bu Didi:
    You are so right. It should be spelled that way. My prof said a more hip way of saying it is Tchus! Hiahiahia. So, Tchus Bu Didi.

    I know!!!! Ich hassen cardio remix.

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