Retail Therapy

February 18, 2007

It’s been awhile since I post something in this so called “supposed-to-be-written-everyday journal.” So, things have been okay with school I guess. Homeworks are okay, quizzes are superb well except for that one quiz in German where I got an F. I don’t think I’ve ever get an F before in my life. So, when I check my grade I was like in the verge of laughing my ass off or burst in tears. And oh remember that test that determines my fate in grad school. Well, I took it yesterday and the result is pretty disappointing me. Well I mean the quantitative is okay, verbal….well not so much. Anyways, I do have to retake it for the sake of more late night studying in the next two years. I know, life could be a bitch sometimes. Hahaha

I  think I need some retail therapy. I really do. So, I need some shopping buddies. Anyone interested?


4 Responses to “Retail Therapy”

  1. xinda Says:

    yay for retail therapy!

  2. didididi Says:

    dude. you should come up here. DSW just added further markdowns. oh and don’t forget to hit the mall this weekend for President’s Day sale!!! spring is coming, so it’s time to restock our closet with sale items from fall hahahhaa

  3. ndoro19 Says:

    xinda and didididi:
    Yupp, definitely need to do some shopping. I’d like to go to Dallas but bu didididi but it’s like 4 hours away. Haha. Maybe you should come to College Station since you never visit us!!!

  4. ade-hon Says:

    um.. u seriously suck at updating ur blog. 😀

    i miss you kak.

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