Spring Break!!!

March 16, 2007

Okay, I know Spring Break should be dealing with lots of sun, beers, clubbing all that other craps. But, I guess it is not for me (anymore). I’d love to do all those college students ritual when I was younger, but I guess I’m too old for that (I’m 22 this year). Anyways, I’d like to share a story which I guess will assure me more of the stereotype of Indians.

So, on a bright Saturday mornig, I went to this gas station to buy some ice. So, below are the conversation between me(M) and the-Indian-guy (TIG):

M: Do you sell any ice?

TIG: Oh yeah, it’s on the corner.

M: Oh, okay..

TIG: It’s $2.79.


TIG: How old are you?

M: I’m 21..going to be 22 this year.

TIG: Oh, I see.

(A minute pause while he were sliding my credit card to the credit card machine).

TIG: You, should do some jogging. Fitness…stay in shape.

Me, pausing for like 10 seconds…Well at this time I was thinking of, you know killing him right away, but that will be too obvious. I mean, it’ll be just too weird if it gets to the newspaper and the title will be”An Asian girl killing an Indian guy in a Gas Station”. So I just smiled and said…

M: Oh yeah, I tried to do some jogging once in awhile.

TIG: Have a nice day!

M: Well, you too…(NOTTT!!!!!!)

You Indians are freak. Please MYOB!!! Okay!! I never tell you guys straight in your face that you guys stink. Or your accent kills me!!!

Please, if you live in other country, try to adapt to the culture,okay. Y’all have to know that it’s very rude to say to a person whom you just met to stay in shape.

Okay, even me, as a possitivist could not tolerate such attitude. Enough is enough!!! Oh, I don’t want to ramble anymore.



2 Responses to “Spring Break!!!”

  1. didi Says:

    You should go back to that place and show your sprained ankle to this Indian guy then tell him “SEE THIS IS WHAT YOU”VE DONE TO ME!!!” then start whailing and say things like “I will never be able to walk againnn and it’s because of youuuuu!!”. That would totally make a scene and I guarantee you he will give no more health tips to random customers.

    Get well soon, dahling.

  2. ade Says:

    how rude!!! jgn balik ke gas station sana lagi..

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