Spring Break!!!

March 16, 2007

Okay, I know Spring Break should be dealing with lots of sun, beers, clubbing all that other craps. But, I guess it is not for me (anymore). I’d love to do all those college students ritual when I was younger, but I guess I’m too old for that (I’m 22 this year). Anyways, I’d like to share a story which I guess will assure me more of the stereotype of Indians.

So, on a bright Saturday mornig, I went to this gas station to buy some ice. So, below are the conversation between me(M) and the-Indian-guy (TIG):

M: Do you sell any ice?

TIG: Oh yeah, it’s on the corner.

M: Oh, okay..

TIG: It’s $2.79.


TIG: How old are you?

M: I’m 21..going to be 22 this year.

TIG: Oh, I see.

(A minute pause while he were sliding my credit card to the credit card machine).

TIG: You, should do some jogging. Fitness…stay in shape.

Me, pausing for like 10 seconds…Well at this time I was thinking of, you know killing him right away, but that will be too obvious. I mean, it’ll be just too weird if it gets to the newspaper and the title will be”An Asian girl killing an Indian guy in a Gas Station”. So I just smiled and said…

M: Oh yeah, I tried to do some jogging once in awhile.

TIG: Have a nice day!

M: Well, you too…(NOTTT!!!!!!)

You Indians are freak. Please MYOB!!! Okay!! I never tell you guys straight in your face that you guys stink. Or your accent kills me!!!

Please, if you live in other country, try to adapt to the culture,okay. Y’all have to know that it’s very rude to say to a person whom you just met to stay in shape.

Okay, even me, as a possitivist could not tolerate such attitude. Enough is enough!!! Oh, I don’t want to ramble anymore.



Winter Break

January 9, 2007

Winter break suckss big time. So, me and 4 other girls went to New Mexico. I don’t know about the other girls, but for me the ultimate goal of the trip was skiing. I was so pumped out. But we ended up not skiing at all for all the interstates were closed because the roads are icy. Arghhh, just hate it when things don’t go as were planned out. But, I guess you can’t really force nature. So, nature beatsss me!!

Anyways, it was over and I shouldn’t be rambling about things that will create negative zen as I am a very positive person. Hiaiahia.

Next phase of winter break for me consists of daily basis of memorizing words that I have never even heard of. I mean Adroit, Loutish, Benevolent, etc. I mean what are those??? Don’t worry, I’m not preparing for a spelling bee competition. It’s just for this stupid test that basically controls my life in the near future. Shuckksss!!

And I also start working out again. I mean what’s with me. I promised myself few years back to be thin or at least thinner by 2005, and now is 2007, and I’m still fat or maybe fatter?? I don’t know it’s just that I can’t commit myself into this. But, I made up my mind. This is my last semester of my undergrad year. And, I assure myself that I will look good in my gradation day. So, this is one of my new year resolution, wait, no I don’t like making new year resolution as I think they’re just worthless. This, is a promise, I promise myself that I will be leaner in like the next 5 months so help me God. Wait, God do you guys think that God is truly exist nahhh I’ll save it for next time.

As an enlightment, I will post my all-time favorite song One Last Cry. I don’t know, but it seems that alot of people post songs in their blog. I think that posting song is a good way for people to let others know what their personalities are. But, not for me, I basically upload the song because I can’t seem to play the song in the piano even I practiced playing it for the past days. Suckkksss, big time!!!

So, if any peeps reading this post, I’m encouraging you to give some comments as I enjoy reading it alot.