Retail Therapy

February 18, 2007

It’s been awhile since I post something in this so called “supposed-to-be-written-everyday journal.” So, things have been okay with school I guess. Homeworks are okay, quizzes are superb well except for that one quiz in German where I got an F. I don’t think I’ve ever get an F before in my life. So, when I check my grade I was like in the verge of laughing my ass off or burst in tears. And oh remember that test that determines my fate in grad school. Well, I took it yesterday and the result is pretty disappointing me. Well I mean the quantitative is okay, verbal….well not so much. Anyways, I do have to retake it for the sake of more late night studying in the next two years. I know, life could be a bitch sometimes. Hahaha

I  think I need some retail therapy. I really do. So, I need some shopping buddies. Anyone interested?