June 2, 2007

Few things I hate about being fatherless:

-I hate that my father will not give me a happy birthday as he had always done every year. I have to admit he’s the only person who I really wait to give me a happy birthday every year.

-I hate that he won’t nudge me on msn messenger at random times.

-I hate I will never see him playing solitaire for the longest time in front of the computer.

-I hate that every once in awhile I cry if I think of him. I have to say that I hate crying because it makes you feel helpless. But each time I think of him makes those tears unbearable to hold.

-I hate that I could not shake his hands and tell him that I will be a BSc. in a few weeks.

-I hate that nobody will ask me to buy some gin and tonic every once in awhile.

-I hate that I can’t call him names anymore. I used to call him ugly and fatbelly.

-I hate that instead of seeing him, I will see his grave if I went home to Rumbai.

-Dear Papa, I hate that you are not around anymore while we still need you more than ever.

Papa, may God take your soul in His place. I know that you are watching us and still here with us.

I know that I never say this to you but, I love you. I will miss you dearly.