Terbangkan Daku!

January 27, 2007

Oh my god. You peeps should listen to this video. I mean the singer has great voice and he sings with like good emotion, too. It’s an okay rendition.

But, the thing is that it’s just to funny to listen to Fly to The Moon in Malay.

Here it is, listen carefully to the lyrics.



January 21, 2007

I’m too sore to write long post. So, here goes a short one. So, me and other Hon Honor Society members went to the rec today for this free cardio remix class.

Okay, the fact that you can dance and follow any kind of rythms doesn’t really mean that you can follow a full 45 minutes of a cardio remix. Well, what can I say, I’m a fast learner in learning steps but, I still couldn’t follow the class. It was too tiring.

After excessive routine of stepping stairs we decided to play badminton which makes all my body parts aching.

And here I am know in my bed with my hoodies on my head feeling all cold and pain. I know, beauty is pain but I don’t think that it should be this painful.

Anyhoo, I want to sleep so bad. Auf wiedershein!!!! See, I used to use Adios at the end of every posts because I thought I will take Spanish this semester. But, I dropped it and I take German instead. Hiahiahiahai


January 16, 2007

Superstition (adjective): a fear of the unknown.

What do people consider as superstitious? Some people said that 13 is an unlucky number, people do knock on wood, some say that crossing a black cat is also a bad luck. As a positivist I don’t believe in all those things as I regard believing those would be too eccentric.

But, I do get scared sometimes. A sign would be having hard night sleep just like the past two nights. It’s just that school is starting this week and I do get frighten before school starts just thinking what the courses will be like, how the people in the classes are, how my grades will be, etc. It just so happen all the time. Especially, since this is my last semester I want to make the best out of it. No space for mistakes. Now, it sounds that I want to be a perfectionist which I am not, well maybe I do. But most of the time I basically just this typical churlish and clownish person (haha the preparation for that stupid test ameliorate my diction).

On a lighter note, school is closed tomorrow due to severe weather. College Station has never been this cold before. It is the second time that school is closed due to the weather since I was here. A friend of mine that I chatted online was being covetous since she claimed that school has never been cancelled when she was still in College Station.

This semester is going to be one hell of semester. For the next 4 months I have to deal with three courses with labs. Which I hope I could handle. Please God if you do really exist, boost me with your blessings. Darn, now I sound like giving a holier-than-thou attitude.

As a positivist, I believe that I should have possitive drive towards any kinds of affliction. No pain, no gain.

As an englightment, I will post one of my favorite songs, Always by Atlantic Star. So, enjoy.

Adios peeps….


January 10, 2007

I just got my haircut in star salon the one and only asian salon in town. Description of my current hairstyle is that it looks like one of those typical Asian girls’ hair you know straight and layered all over when I use hair straightener but looks wavy and frizzy all over my head when I don’t use that flat hair thingy (it looks awful, really, seriously).

A glimpse of the conversation at the salon:

Vietnamese Haircut Lady (VHL): Hi, how do you want to cut your hair? (With a very weird accent, but still understandable but it took me few seconds to get what she was saying).

Me: Oh hi! I just want to keep my hairstyle. I think it is layered. And also can you make shorter bangs to my hair?

VHL: Touching my hair with a very weird look in her eyes like she never sees any curly hair before. Oh okay, how about 1 1/2 inch shorter and give more layer from there. (Do excuse the grammar but I don’t want to manipulate the real conversation that took place).

Me: Oh okay, that sounds good.

So, there she goes chopping my hair with I think three kinds of scissors. She chopped it a lot. A few minutes later….

VHL: I going use flat straightener, I just want to see your hair straight okay.

Me: Okay.

After more chopping off my hair then finally it’s done. Final look, as I said before it looks awful. It’s too thin and too many layers. Damn you VHL what did you do to my hair!!! Arghhhh.

This is why I don’t like going to get a haircut. Ever since I was born I guess I never get satisfied with anykind of hairstyle I I have since they always look awful. But, as a positivist I would say hair will grow back. So, oh well!!!

I want to upload photos but the camera is still MIA. So, maybe tomorrow I’ll upload some photos of me with the new haircut. Until then adios….


January 10, 2007

I think today was effective. My definition of effective on semester break is to do every single thing twice, so I did. Took shower twice, check. Remembering unfamiliar words twice more than I usually do, check. Working out twice more on the abdominal machine, check. And here I am in the process of making another post of this so called blog of mine in the same day. So, today was purdy effective.

A friend came over to drop off some pics from our recent trip to NM. Hers are way better that my skinnier sister’s while both were taking pictures with disposable camera. Well I guess I kinda figure out why because she took ’em with Kodak and my sis with Fuji. I remembered this class I took last semester. The prof used to work for Kodak and almost every single class well maybe not, maybe I was just being exaggerated anyways, he always says that Kodak developed better technology than Fujifilm or any other Japs film company. Back then I just thought this Prof is kinda vain, but I guess after seeing the pics I kinda get his point.

Anyways, back to this friend of mine, we ended up browsed friendster and looked to each other friends. She showed some of her friends who are already settled down and being succesfull in their careers and that hinders her from updating her friendster because she feels she’s not success and all. And I was like this is not right. She has a master degree already and currently pursuing another master degree. I mean she too could have the world in her hand or in the process to do so.This is not effective!!!!

As a positive person I boldly declare, peeps please be effective do some action. Don’t hinder yourself. Hiahiahia, please I don’t want to Dr.Philling somebody but as bad as it sounds apparently I was doing it. Oh well, next time I’ll make better post.

As an englightment I will post another video of one of my favorite songs. I post this video for the same reason I post the previous videos. I practiced this song on piano for the past I don’t know 5 weeks but I can’t seem to play it right. Playing piano is fun no more. Shuckss!!!!


First Post

January 8, 2007

It turned out that I’m willing to take the chance to start a new blog because apparently I’m too stupid to remember the password of my old blog.

First post I think would be nice to start by introduction. So, here it goes… The name is Yada not Yadda since they have different meanings. So remember 1 d instead of 2 d’s okay. Currently striving in College Station, Texas but purely and proud to be an Indonesian.

I will post things that people considers to be trivial but might be significant to me as they will be mostly about things that happen to me or things that I think are interesting. I don’t know I guess we’ll just have to see.

So, peeps feel free to leave any comments as I like to read them. And adios…